Breaducation CJ Wildlife

Thank you for not feeding us bread!

Bread doesn’t have the nutrients we need to stay fit and healthy. It fills our tummies so we don’t want to forage, and has a negative impact on water quality in our pond.

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Let's Go Quackers
Let's Go Quackers

Breaducation’s Dr Duck has been promoting healthy feeding on the Let’s Go Quackers Art Trail in Ironbridge and Southwater as part of the campaign and also helping to raise funds for local charities.

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Daphne's Day Out
Daphne's Day Out

Daphne’s Day Out has been written by Julie Burroughs and illustrated by Chris Trevillion to help spread the Breaducation message to younger readers. Daphne Duck doesn’t understand why she is bigger than the other ducks in the pond and why she cannot fly. She sets out on a journey of discovery, meeting many woodland friends along the way and learning why some foods are better than bread.

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