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In an ideal world and being wild animals, our ducks, geese and swans would only eat aquatic and bankside vegetation as their main food source. However, as well-meaning as we humans are, feeding bread for generations has become something of a problem for waterfowl. Re-educating those who want to make a difference, especially the younger generation, on how best to care for wildlife is just what Breaducation is all about.

In short, bread doesn’t have the nutrients needed to keep waterfowl fit and healthy. In extreme cases it can result in 'Angel Wing', a bone and feather deformity preventing birds from flying and living a normal healthy life. It also leads to bloated stomachs and obesity inhibiting them from seeking out more natural foods and making them less mobile and more vulnerable to predators. Uneaten bread also has a negative impact on water quality as it leads to algal blooms, allows bacteria to breed and attracts rats and other vermin.

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So, what is #betterthanbread?

Shredded greens, vegetable peelings, purposely developed duck food, mealworms, porridge oats, defrosted peas and wild bird seed are healthy alternatives to bread. Most of these will float on water rather than sinking to the bottom where it would rot away and have a negative impact on the water quality which would impact other local wildlife.

Help spread the word, not the bread and follow the campaign on twitter @BreaducationUK #betterthanbread

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Inspired by their Shropshire based community partners who adapted feeding habits to reduce river pollution, CJ Wildlife became involved to help take the ‘Breaducation’ message countrywide. CJ Wildlife has created fixed notices at lakes and riversides highlighting the issues and promoting bread alternatives as well as hosting a new website, promotional events and social media.