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Dothill Local Nature Reserve

  • Dothill Pool
  • Tee Lake

The largest of the two lakes on Dothill Local Nature Reserve is Tee Lake. It is man-made and was commissioned by the Forrester family. It was the major feature of 7 hectares of formal gardens designed to grace their main home, Dothill Park, during the 17th century. The hillock on the east side was formed from the excavations that created the lake. From its slopes the local people could occasionally watch competitive water sports such as sculling and water jousting. There is the small jetty that was built by the Friends of Dothill LNR to protect the bank from erosion, provide easy access to the water’s edge and create some amphibian habitat. There are plenty of birds to be spotted by the lake. If you are lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a kingfisher or lesser spotted woodpecker! Bats living around the lake include Daubenton’s, Noctule, Pipistrelle and Soprano Pipistrelle. The lake margins are home to a very healthy Common Toad population.

Dothill Pool was originally an ornamental pool on the former country estate. It is now managed by the Telford Angling Association alongside the Friends of Dothill LNR. The lake is home to many resident birds including swans, coots and ducks. It is also visited by migrant birds including grebe and Canada geese. As well as amphibians the pool contains a large number of fish including specimen carp and tench. The pool is surrounded by mature trees, reeds and shrubs providing good nesting conditions and habitat for wildlife.

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