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Holmer Lake is enjoyed by a variety of users; walkers and ramblers, dog walkers, families, local residents, ecologists and environmentalists - just about anyone with an interest in fauna and flora, fishing, birds, waterfowl, wildlife, water life, etc. The Friends Of Holmer Lake group was created to encourage all users of the grounds and water to enjoy them, feel more involved and participate in their upkeep of the diverse bio-structure that needs careful maintenance.

A major aim of the group is to open up the Lake and its surrounding countryside to all including the creation of access for wheelchair users around the lake circumference. Initially only one path on one side of the lake had easy access, all other routes required negotiating rough ground, tree roots or steep climbs. Many routes are now accessible in all weathers although in poor weather walking shoes and wellingtons are suggested.

Holmer Lake blossoms with wildlife, most notable by its resident Swans which the local community have taken under their wing and into their hearts. Breaducation is just one way of caring for these beautiful creatures.

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