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Priorslee - The Flash

  • The Flash at Priorslee
  • The Flash at Priorslee

The Flash at Priorslee in Telford, also known as Hangman's Pool, is a haven for local wildlife and a fantastic location for bird watching. Popular with families, dog walkers and anglers, the pool offers picnic benches and various resting points to spend some time observing the sights and sounds of the wildlife around the lake. The area is popular with young families visiting to feed the ducks, and even look out for the local Terrapins.

With so many convenient feeding spots, and an abundance of wildfowl to feed, there is a community concern about the water quality for the pond life and the health of the wildlife living on and around the pond. It was this concern that help kick-start the expansion of the Breaducation campaign across Telford to raise awareness and help protect our wildlife.

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