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River Severn at Quarry Park

  • River Severn at Quarry Park
  • River Severn at Quarry Park
  • River Severn at Quarry Park

The Quarry is the main recreational park in Shrewsbury, created in 1719 and encompassing 29 acres of beautiful tree-lined parkland, providing the perfect relaxation location enjoyed by all and major habitats for extensive varieties of wildlife, both on and off the water. One of its most famous features is the picturesque Dingle flower garden and pond, created by world renowned gardener Percy Thrower. Shrewsbury also hosts its annual Flower Show in The Quarry, which is a spectacular event attended by thousands of visitors.

The River Severn encircles the Quarry from the Welsh Bridge to Greyfriars Bridge in a majestic loop, providing numerous access points for duck feeding and recreational activities from fishing, water sports and boat trips. The Quarry and the River Severn provide the perfect place to relax, enjoy walks, picnic, fish, row, feed the ducks or just let off steam.

We are very pleased that Shrewsbury Town Council have joined in the campaign and erected Breaducation boards along the bank of the River Severn in The Quarry and at the pond in the Dingle helping to advise our community on healthy feeding for ducks and waterfowl.

Shrewsbury Town Council have gone further and in addition to The Quarry, boards have also be erected at the following locations in an effort to both improve the health of waterfowl and also the quality of the water for fish and other wildlife:

Mousecroft Pool situated at Mousecroft Community Woodland is a delightful spot surrounded on three sides by mixed deciduous trees, offering peace and quiet for angling.

Radbrook Pool is a smaller sister to Mousecroft especially adapted for the disabled angler with wheelchair access.

Springfield Mere Pool next to the recreation ground at Mereside where families are regular visitors for many sporting facilities.

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